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Coats have been worn either for protection or for fashion or for both now. They have long sleeves and are open in the front. They have buttons which can be closed by fasteners. The need for a mens overcoat is more of fashion than of protection now. The design of the over coat is to add to a suit which is worn to formal occasions. Mens overcoat also serves as a sport coat and give a sporty look to the person wearing it.


One typical kind of mens overcoat is the mulberry trench coat. This was traditionally used by the army men to dig trenches and live in them beneath the ground. Now the same has become an element of fashion and is used by men who travel a lot outside in cold weather. These kind of protective mens overcoat are in general knee-length to protect your body from extreme conditions. A hat compliments well with the mens overcoat when worn in a snow storm or chill weather. It also gives a stylish look.


Old design of mens overcoat would be plain with the same design of thick material with the same cut. However, men like to be equally fashionable as women and hence a large variety of mens overcoat has flooded the market these days. There are over coats made of thinner material as well as which are durable so that the heaviness need not be carried along. Also, climatic conditions play a major role in choosing the type of over coat. If you need to travel in harsh weather, you are not left with too many options. You have to go in for a heavy material to protect yourself.


If your purpose is fashion or to wear under mild chill weather, then you can choose your mens overcoat. You can go in for trendy ones in elegant colours giving you that class look when you wear it to parties or formal occasions like a friend's wedding or to the church!


In the short mens overcoat variety there are again two sub-categories. It is single and double breasted coats. They are shorter than the traditional wollen ones. However,make sure you're your mens overcoat covers the shirt worn inside to give proper look to your personality. The car coat is one of the most comfortable types of over coats. It is similar to the classic one but comes in a less heavier material rather than wool. A mens overcoat serves the purpose of keeping you warm and at the same time is lighter on your skin and hence better than the old one.

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Men's over coat

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This article was published on 2011/06/23